Essential Fashion Tips for Men | A Complete Style Guide

Essential Fashion Tips for Men | A Complete Style Guide

Are you left with a notion of not being good enough? Has a low sense of self-worth swamped your feelings? Do you end up self-deprecating yourself in every matter? The reason is deep-rooted in the fact that you may think you are not good-looking. Your fashion choices — the skin routine, wearables, hairstyles, etc. — play a primary role in determining your position on the beauty scale. We have compiled the following fashion tips for men to help them get rid of low self-esteem, thus allowing them to live in style and confidence.

Know-How to Rock a Suit

Sadly, we judge the book by its cover. But appearances do matter. And the best way for a man to enhance his appearance is to wear a suit. However, not everybody can pull off a suit with perfection. Don’t worry; the following points will help you rock the suiting:

  • Shoulders should fit perfectly without making a shoulder divot.
  • Get your sleeves tailored to your wrists.
  • Invest in the dress shirt that fits and makes no creases while tucked in.
  • Purchase a shirt holder to keep the shirt in place.
  • The tie should be darker than the dress shirt.
  • The shirt’s sleeves should be half an inch longer than the jacket’s.
  • The wear should be in fit or nearly fit.

Invest in a Classy Watch

The men who know how to accessorize are automatically ten times more attractive. Out of all the embellishments, nothing rivals a classy wristwatch. Therefore, we would recommend you to invest in a good-looking watch that complements your overall style. Make sure it isn’t flashy, or have standing out features. As for the strap, it should have a classy and rugged texture, giving out a manly feel.

Bearded or Clean-Shaven?

It is not a surprise that women prefer men with beards. Plus, it makes you look better. That’s because it helps hide your facial flaws and bring out the manliness. In comparison, clean-shaven men are considered to be less attractive. But that doesn’t mean every guy should have a beard. Some of them pull off a hairless face pretty well.
Now, the question is: what beard length is ideal? As per Australian research, the ten days beard length is the most attractive length for women. However, it highly depends on your facial features as well. For instance, a light beard suits angular faces, while a heavy beard goes with rounder faces.

Choose the Right Hairstyle.

Often, you have asked yourself, “What type of haircut should I get?” And decided the one on your favorite celebrity. This is the most common mistake both men and women make. What you have to realize here is every face shape is different. And not all hairstyles go with every facial geometry. First, you have to determine the shape to select an appropriate option for you. Here are a few examples:
Round face — Avoid buzzcuts and full fringes, and prefer hairstyles with angles like a pompadour with short sides and back.
Rectangular face — width on the sides works for rectangular faces. We would recommend haircuts like a side part and a pompadour.
Oval face — It is an ideal shape and can rock anything. But try to stay away from styles like long fringes.
Square face — If you want to highlight your square face, buzzcuts are a good option. Also, you can go for undercut, comb over, side-swept with the part.
Heart face — Choosing a style for a heart-shaped face is trickiest. We suggest cuts like side part or quiff.
Diamonds face — Wavy side part or Messy fringes would be a good idea for a diamond face.

Keep Your Beard Neat

Yes! Beards are attractive, but that doesn’t mean just let it grow into a bush. With a great beard comes great responsibility, and you have to look after it properly. If you can’t, you are going to end up looking untidy and unhygienic.
Shave under the chin an ear and keep the upper line clean. Make sure it looks angular and have fine edges. Furthermore, get rid of hair that is out of place, especially around the lip area. You would notice a glow in your personality after neatening it up.

Now the Right Color to Wear

Needless to say, not every hue goes with our skin tone — some bring out the best of us while others diminish our charm. You should avoid the colors resembling your skin tone because that would look dull. Here, contrasting can save your life. People having darker tones can go for lighter color vice versa. Certain colors like black, grey, dark green, and royal blue look attractive on all complexions, so don’t be afraid to choose them.

Keep the Footwear Rules in Mind.

Shoes, being the visual endpoint, are essential and can make or break your personality. The most common mistake men make is choosing the same footwear on every occasion. So, firstly, wear the right shoes for every occasion — Formal footwear for weddings, sneakers as casual, joggers for harsh movement. Next, up comes the quality. Instead of investing in many cheap quality shoes, it is better to purchase a single high-end pair of elegant footwear. Remember, whatever you buy, should fit perfectly and comfortably.

Choose the Right Shade for Your Face Shape

Not many people know that different shades go with different facial features. For instance, angular shades are better suited for people with round faces and round-edged shades for angular faces. You don’t need to go to highly expensive brands. Just the high-quality ones that go with your face and diminish your flaws and enhances your personality.


We bet you are already feeling a boost in confidence. By wearing the right accessories, pulling off the right clothes, and avoiding cliché mistakes, you can surely level up your fashion game, and bring out the best version of yourself. But remember, you are beautiful just the way you are, and these tips are just to enhance your look, not change them entirely.

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